Yacht Registration

The Directorate of EMA allows the registration of commercial yachts, private yachts, private yachts limited charter (PYLCs), and passenger yachts through its Merchant ship registration act -2023 and the Code. The Yacht Code, in conjunction with the relevant international conventions to which EMA is implementing. The EMA had set the standards and substantial equivalencies for safety, security, pollution prevention, and seafarer accommodations appropriate to the size of the yacht, taking into consideration instances where it is not reasonable or practicable to comply fully with international conventions.

All yachts to which the Code applies must be annually inspected by an Appointed Flag state Inspector (FSI) or or Classification Society as applicable, to verify compliance with the Code.

Commercial Yachts and Passenger Yachts A commercial yacht is any yacht engaged in trade, commerce, or on charter, and carrying no more than 12 passengers. The registration of commercial yachts is limited to those of 24 meters (m) or more in length.

Documents required for registration:
  • Completed Application form for registration.
  • Bill of sale
  • Company Incorporation certificate (in case owner is company.
  • Copy of owners Passport
  • Copy of Certificate of No Liens issued by Previous Registry (Dated within 3 working days before registration) – N/A for newbuilding.
  • Original or Certified Copy of Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolutions: Authority of Agent/Officer.
  • Copy of ISM Document of Compliance (DOC) for yachts of 500GT and more.
  • Copy of LRIT Conformance Test Report (CTR).
  • Copy of P&I’s Cover Note or Certificate of Entry.
  • Bunker Blue Card for for yachts of 1000GT and more.
  • Wreck Removal Blue Card for yachts of 300GT and more.
  • Shipowner Liability in Cases of Abandonment Blue Card (Standard A2.5.2).
  • Treatment of Contractual Claims, Death and Long-Term Disability Blue Card (Standard A4.2.1).
  • Copy of CSR for yacht 500GT or more.
  • Copy Confirmation of Class Certificate and Class Statement “Seaworthy certificate” (dated within 10 days before registration), or Interim Class Certificate for Newbuilding’s.
  • Copy of Survey Reports, Special Survey Reports, Statutory Certificates for yachts 20 year of age and above.
  • Copy of Proof of Payment for Registration Fee.