Fishing Vessel and Licensing

Licensing Information
The Eswatini High Seas Fisheries Board (EHSFB) Pursuant to the High Seas Fishing regulations in accordance with Eswatini Maritime Act 2023. The EHSFB is responsible for the regulation and control of Eswatini flagged vessels which engage in fishing or related activities on the high seas and is headed by a Director of High Seas Fisheries who is appointed by the Registrar General of Eswatini Maritime Affairs.

High Seas Fishing Licenses and other related licenses are issued in accordance with the High Seas Fishing License Regulation under Eswati Maritime Act 2023. All licenses are valid for one year from date of issuance and are renewable 45 days prior to expiration. The following are the relevant documents required to be submitted for the obtainment of a license. All relevant license fees can be obtained by contacting our office.

Licenses are issued for the following:
  • Fishing on the high seas
  • Fishing in the waters or jurisdiction of another State subject to the laws of that State.
  • For all other activities that are subject to license under High Seas Fishing Regulation, Pursuant to Eswatini Maritime Act 2023.

Procedure to Obtain Licenses
  • Submit completed Application form.
  • The application form should be accompanied by the following documents:
  • Certificate of registry of the vessel
  • Signed stamped & notarized declaration letter from the vessel owner, operator and the Master declaring that no previous involvement in IUU activities & accepting join liability for any unlawful activity.
  • Annual operational Plan of the vessel
  • Crew list
  • Current photo of the vessel displaying its marking and identification in accordance with the regulation for the marking of fishing vessel.

Vessel Ownership proof:
Depending of the type of ownership, the following documents will be required.

Individual Owners
  • Permanent Physical address proof of the owner and communication address if different from permanent (no older than 3 months) proof of address.
  • Name of the bona-fide owner
  • Valid national identification card, passport or other similar identification in addition to documentation showing physical address.

Corporate Owners
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation and where applicable, certificate of change of name.
  • A certificate of good standing and a properly authorized mandate of the company to establish the business relationship.
  • A register of members or a list of the names and addresses of the shareholder holding controlling interest in the company.
  • Copies of identification documents of at least two of the directors (if there are more than one) and authorized signatories of the company.
  • A copy of the memorandum and articles or bylaws of the company.
  • Document which authenticates bona-fide ownership and clearly states permanent physical address of the company.

Partnership/Unincorporated Business
  • In case of local limited partnership.
  • A copy of the certified registration.
  • Certificate of good standing issued by the registrar of companies.
  • In case of unincorporated business.
  • Evidence of the identity of a majority of the partners, owners of manager and authorized signatures.
  • A copy of the mandate from the partnership or unincorporated business authorizing the establishment of the business relationship and confirmation of any authorized signatories.

License Fee
  • License fees will be charged at the time the application is Submitted.
  • For more Information, please contact office of the Director of Fisheries, EMA.